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It feels funny when they bump up against you. It’s cold and surprising.

So, we wanted to know…

Why are dogs’ noses wet?

A canine’s nose is extremely sensitive and it can smell around 2 million times better than yours because its nose is wet. A layer of mucus lies naturally at the opening of the dog’s nostrils. Your dog has a wet nose due to this reason. The mucus helps dogs to catch scents and it enables them to detect odors in scent in a better way. The tear ducts of your dog also create moisture. These tear ducts turn into their nasal cavity and the moisture enters into the entrance of nostril. Like pollen, this moisture irritates the nostril of your dog.

The nose of a dog is naturally cool because it lacks fur and it is wet. But, if your dog’s nose is hotter, it may be the sign of a fever. The nose of a healthy dog can be smooth and moist. But, if the nose is dry, it may not be the indication of illness. Your dog’s nose can be dry due to the recent activity, weather and air conditioning. However, persistent dry nose along with inflammation, gagging or sneezing can be the indication of a health problem such as trauma, infection or foreign bodies.

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