Quick Look- Why do Cats Purr?

»»Quick Look- Why do Cats Purr?

Do you ever ask yourself why cats purr?

In fact, this is the most common sound a cat makes. However, most people do not know about purring, but they are aware of growling, hissing, chatting, meowing and chirping. Just observe the behavior of your cat. Is she looks relaxed? Is she on her back? Are her eyes half-closed? Is her tail mostly still? If she purrs in such a situation, you can surely assume that she is in her happy place.

But, through purring, some cats inform you that he/she is hungry. According to the findings of British researchers, cats make a different type of purring sound if they are hungry. So, when they are hungry, they combine normal purr with a mew or an unpleasant cry. In such cases, the mew sound of cats resembles a human baby’s cry.

The purring sound of kittens resemble their connection with their mother. Through purring, kittens inform their mother that they are ok.

Purring is the sound of energy. However some cats express their pain or hurt feeling through purring. According to the findings of some researchers, purring helps cats get better faster. When they make low frequency purrs, they cause a series of related vibrations in their body. These vibrations are helpful for lessening pain and swelling, ease breathing, repairing tendons and build muscles, healing bones and wounds.

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