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Watching a dog chase its tail is always funny but ever wonder why they do it?

Because, Energy

The easiest explanation for this odd habit is that the pet is bored and looking for ways to release their energy but it could also be an attempt to seek attention. Most dogs are smart enough to know that you will pay attention when they act out.

Because, Medical Issues

In serious circumstances a dog will go after his tail trying to chew and nip it. This indicates a medical issue like fleas or worm infestation that must be looked at by a vet. Some dogs become so drawn to their tails that it can only be characterized as compulsive. Such issues must be addressed no matter how entertaining your pet looks while at it.

Because, Genetics

The reasons some breeds like terriers and German shepherds chase their tails are attributed to genetics. This is because the habit seems to continue in adulthood without being triggered by illness or pests.

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