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Why do dogs chase their tail? Really, it could be for a number of reasons. Some funny, some, not so much.

First off, if the tail chasing is not a common behavior for your dog, it may indicate a presence of fleas or worms. They may be trying to catch the tail in order to scratch the tail if it’s irritated or itchy.


Often boredom could lead to dogs chasing their tail. Dogs are active animals and if they are doing nothing for long, just to get a bit of activity and for some fun, they will chase their own tail. This is usually more common with puppies who do not realize that their tail is part of their own body.

There could be genetic factors at play as well. Some of the breeds such as Terriers and German Shepherds tend to be involved in tail chasing more than other breeds.


So, provided that your doggy doesn’t have fleas or other itchy problems, sit back, relax and enjoy the free entertainment.



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