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The new head of the RSPCA has made a dramatic, public apology for the charity’s past mistakes and vowed to be less political and bring fewer prosecutions in the future.

In his first interview since taking over as chief executive, Jeremy Cooper admitted the RSPCA had become “too adversarial” and dragged too many people through the courts under its previous leadership.

Mr Cooper said that the charity had alienated farmers in its aggressive campaign against the Government’s badger cull and disclosed that it would be “very unlikely” to ever bring another prosecution against a hunt.
Mr Cooper told The Telegraph: “Of course we have made mistakes in the past, and we are very sorry about that. We have to be honest and admit the mistakes and acknowledge them.

“For me it is about recognising those mistakes and then doing everything we can to prevent them happening again.”

The RSPCA has endured a torrent of criticism and negative publicity in recent years, that prompted a parliamentary inquiry and an independent report that recommended sweeping changes to its handling of prosecutions.

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Photo Info: Jeremy Cooper, the new Chief Executive of the RSPCA, with some puppies  CREDIT: PAUL GROVER FOR THE TELEGRAPH

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