Secret Life of Pets Opens this Weekend

»»Secret Life of Pets Opens this Weekend

It’s another weekend for animals at the movies. It’s been a successful year so far for movies such as Finding Dory and Zootopia, and this weekend is sure to please with the release of Secret Life of Pets. From the makers of Despicable Me, Pets follows the story of a terrier, Max, who learns his owner brings home a new dog, Duke, to the family. As the dogs learn to get along, they wander off and are mistakenly believed to be strays and are picked up by animal control. Adventures ensue all along the way.

It’s a kids movie, aimed squarely at kids, and asks the basic questions about what our pets may be thinking about all day while we’re gone. It also emphasizes the desire for love and companionship.

“Nobody wants to be by themselves,” says Kevin Hart, who plays a bunny named Snowball. The movie shines “a light on that by simply saying, ‘What are your dogs thinking and doing when you’re gone?’ They’re missing you, the same way as a person misses other people. That’s the message people are going to walk away with.”

The movie stars the voices of Eric Stonestreet, Kevin Hart, and Louis C.K. and opens nationwide this weekend.

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