7 Thanksgiving Treats for Your Cats

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Unicorn Cat Playtime Grooming Arch

Who won’t love this, your cats get to play while getting groomed at the same time. It has bristles that contain loose fur for a stress-free home grooming.


Unicorn Cute Pet Cat Dog Plush Fruit Toys

This skin friendly plush toy has a built-in whistle that makes noise when your cat bites it. A pleasant treat for Thanksgiving.


Unicorn Cat Spring

Fun is one of your cat’s natural instinct. This toy can aid in preventing your cat from scratching, clawing and doing damage to your furniture.

Feline Greenies

These vitamin packed greenies are also good dental treats. They are proven to reduce tartar.


Temptations MixUps Cat Treats

A low-calorie treat that is tuna, shrimp and salmon flavored that will have your feline friends meowing for more.


N-Bone Cat Chew Treats

This all-natural and no artificial colors or flavor treat will keep your cats tartar free. It has great taste that will make your cat want more.


Natural Treats for Cats and Dogs

Freeze dried pieces of chicken breast that pets love. This is a protein packed feline treat.


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