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Specially-Abled Pets Day

Brandy Hunter

In honor of Specially-Abled Animals Day, AnimalPlex would like to introduce several very specially-abled pets available for adoption through Pets With Disabilities. 


Blaze is a 7-year-old male Hound mix.  He is very sweet, yet cautious, unsocialized, and fearful of people. However, Blaze has not shown any signs of aggression towards humans or other animals. Prior to his arrival at the shelter, his right eye had suffered severe trauma to the point that it had to be completely removed. Blaze is on a special kidney diet as well as a few other medications that he may need to take for the rest of his life.

Blaze has healed beautifully and his vet has declared him medically stable. His trainers have been working very hard to help him to feel comfortable with his routine and shelter home. He will need a family that is experienced with socializing anxious dogs.


Knoll is a 5-year-old male Beagle who suffered an unknown trauma to his right side that makes it awkward for him to walk. Knoll was found hobbling around on a road and brought into the shelter by a kind soul.

At only 17 pounds, Knoll is adorable when he walks with his funny little gait. He was very shy and scared of humans when he first came to the shelter, which may be the result of a human causing his special ability.

He is a sweet little guy who is shy and gentle but warm and loving to people. He is housebroken and crate trained and loves to play both indoors and out. Knoll just finished his final round of heartworm treatment in April and is looking for his Forever Family.


Hobo is a very outgoing and friendly 2-year-old and 3-legged Walker Hound male who absolutely loves all people and other dogs. Hobo was found as a stray hobbling along with a fractured back leg and brought to the shelter where the vet performed the amputation.

Hobo is still healing but will be ready for adoption soon. He loves riding in cars and playing with his 5-year-old foster brother. He thrives on human attention and the companionship of other dogs.


Oliver is 3-year old mixed breed male with one blue eye and a big heart. His family surrendered him to the shelter when they realized they could not take care of his traumatic eye injury.

He is very calm and shy, yet once he warms up to people and dogs, he loves to play. His foster family calls him an “all-around good-natured dog” and says he will be a wonderful companion to any family. He has healed completely and is currently available for adoption.

Lucy & Ricky

Lucy and Ricky are 1-year-old hound mixes with congenital hip abnormalities that do not require surgery. They were found huddled together inside a cardboard box outside of a vet’s office. They were covered in signs of abuse and neglect, including cigarette burns all over their little bodies.

Lucy and Ricky are absolutely inseparable and must be adopted together by a Forever Family that understands the bond of siblings. These two do everything together, from sleeping and even eating. They each weigh around 45 pounds and will need ample room to play. and play they do! These two are constantly clowning around together. Please stop by and visit these two for a round of catch.

To learn more about any of these dogs or to meet new arrivals,  please visit: http://www.petswithdisabilities.org/  


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