Meet this Baby Bird!

»»Meet this Baby Bird!

This week’s Bird of the Week comes from Amy Wilson of Arizona.

Officially her “grandbirdy” (the baby bird belongs to her daughter), this sun conure is a mere 5 weeks old. Still too young to determine its sex without DNA testing, Amy and her family take turns bottle feeding the bird.

The Wilsons just picked up their baby birdie this week, to add to the family of other birds and dogs they currently have. The gender is currently being assessed via DNA testing, and the family must hand feed the bird three times a day for five weeks.
They are already learning so much about the new bird, who is yet to be named, and its personality and preferences. Already getting acquainted with the other bird of the house, the baby seems to be pretty easy going and will assimilate easily into its new home. At this point, he (or she!) can not bear any weight yet, because his size is so small. However, Amy loves the shape of his beak, saying “It curves under, and almost looks like he’s smiling”. He also likes to bob his head right now.

According to Amy, when it comes to feeding time, and how to know it is feeding time in such a small animal that hasn’t found its big boy voice yet… they learned from the breeder that birds have, what is called a crop. This is a sack that is found under the bird’s neck When the crop is expanded (full), the bird is not hungry and does not need to be fed. When the crop is empty, it is time for feeding. Also, specifics matter. The food must be heated to 110 degrees for the bird to accept it, but more importantly, for the crop to not become full of bacteria. When the crop empties again, it’s time again to feed.
“It’s like a little gauge for us.”

Sun Conures are popular as pets. They are a social breed that enjoy the company of other birds and prefer to live in a flock. They are also exciting to watch and listen to, as they create a variety of impressive vocals, and have the ability to mimic all kinds of sounds including human sounds. They are also the “watch dogs” of the bird kingdom, with the ability to make shrilling sounds to scare off unwanted intruders. Sun conures grow to be about 12 inches and can have a lifespan of 20-30 years old. It is always important to remember the life span and needs of birds before considering them as a pet. Birds can be a life long commitment (and some species can even outlive you!)

Amy and her family however, are fully aware of the commitment to which they are agreeing with the adoption of such a pet. All of the Wilson family are great care takers and lovers of animals.

Thank you Amy for your submission for this week’s bird of the week! When Amy is not babysitting the newest addition to the family, she is promoting animal welfare, active in hiking and photography, supporting her military family, and running an online bath boutique. You can find Amy’s shop here. Thank you Amy for the amazing pictures and for being this week’s Bird of the Week.

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