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2 07, 2016

Two Kookaburras Battle It Out Over a Snack

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Two kookaburras. One piece of meat. One epic standoff. In what may be the world's cutest fight, these two birds were caught on camera, locked in a serious battle of resolve. Nothing could persuade them to back down. Not seashell hats. Not tissue blankets. Not even another piece of meat. The person videoing the standoff [...]

31 05, 2016

A Cute Spider? -New Species of Peacock Spider Found

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Seven new species of peacock spiders have been discovered in Australia recently. And, while we never thought we'd say this, we have to admit these little guys are quite beautiful. Go go little peacock spider!

16 05, 2016

Snake Found in Fish’ Mouth

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Once again, proving everything is more terrifying in Australia, this week two fishermen caught more than just fish on their expedition. When pulling up their line, they noticed the fish had just recently eaten a whole snake. The fishermen pulled the snake from the fish' mouth and then released both animals back into the water. [...]