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7 04, 2016

Dallas Elephants Named

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The Dallas Zoo named five of the elephants it received in a controversial move from Africa last month. Tenadji (ten-DAHJ-ee), the only male in the group, has gained 100 pounds since arriving in North Texas. His name means "Make it Happen." Nolwazi (nole-WAH-zee) is the oldest of the group and we're told it's rude to [...]

6 04, 2016

Flamingos’ New Love Shack

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FORT WORTH, TEXAS - When recent hail storms killed five flamingos at the Fort Worth Zoo, we learned something new about just how good the zoo is at breeding these exotic birds. For a species called the "lesser flamingo," no other zoo even comes close. Flamingos are always a hit here, but getting them to [...]