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24 05, 2016

Can a Dog Eat Cat Food?

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There may be a misconception among many people, who tend to classify food into two sub-categories, labelled 'for us' and 'for animals'. They would probably not hesitate to feed dog food to cats and vice versa. However, as vets around the world have often pointed out feeding dog food to cats might actually be harmful [...]

23 05, 2016

Dogs and Storms… and How You Can Keep Your Pet Calm

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Dogs can be very sensitive. This applies not only to people but storms as well. Individuals who have never owned a dog may fail to think that a puppy or dog would react to the weather in this way, but experienced dog owners know that some pups can have quite a trying time when the [...]

23 05, 2016

How to Clean Your Dog’s Teeth

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There are several ways of cleaning your dog's teeth, but not all of these are effective.The most common and most effective method of cleaning your dog's teeth is a professional clean at your local veterinary clinic.This usually entails you dropping your dog off for a good few hours and picking him up again later. The [...]

22 05, 2016

Should I Let My Dog Have Puppies?

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This decision involves several factors, many of which are really good reasons for considering this question early. You will avoid many of the more common problems with a little forward planning. Mammary cancer in an older bitch that has not been spayed or a caesarian section for an unplanned pregnancy are two of these. Having [...]

22 05, 2016

Pets and Treats

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Many dog and cat owners do not realize how many treats they've already given their pet. It's easy to toss in two, three, or four at a time, especially when your best friend wags his tail excitedly or your kitty quickly scoffs the nice treat and simply loves it! The big question comes, "Is it [...]

21 05, 2016

Pet and Human Health- Which Illnesses Can You Catch From Your Pet

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We all love our pets. They're cute, they're our friends, and they're there for us no matter what. Unfortunately, just because your furry friend is adorable doesn't mean that they are disease free-- they could be transmitting zoonotic illnesses. Check out this list of illnesses you could catch from your pet dog or cat and [...]

20 05, 2016

Which Human Foods Are Most Dangerous to Your Dog?

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Who wouldn't fall for Fido when he starts to make those eyes rounder and sticks that tongue out in a cute smile, pleading for just one nice, little treat? Resisting the urge to give even the smallest reward from the dining table can potentially save your pet's life! Here are some of the foods that [...]

16 05, 2016

Quick Look- Why Do Dogs Chase Their Tails?

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  Watching a dog chase its tail is always funny but ever wonder why they do it? Because, Energy The easiest explanation for this odd habit is that the pet is bored and looking for ways to release their energy but it could also be an attempt to seek attention. Most dogs are smart enough [...]

14 05, 2016

Which OTC Medications May Be Safe for Your Pet?

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There are some over the counter medications that will help any symptoms of illness your pet may have. However, assuming that human medications are safe for animal use can be detrimental to their health. These may not be effective at all. Discussing your options with a Veterinarian is always a good idea before beginning therapy. [...]

6 05, 2016

Quick Look- Why Do Dogs Chase Their Tails?

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Why do dogs chase their tail? Really, it could be for a number of reasons. Some funny, some, not so much. First off, if the tail chasing is not a common behavior for your dog, it may indicate a presence of fleas or worms. They may be trying to catch the tail in order to [...]