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29 06, 2016

Aquarium Won’t Accept Wild Dolphins, Whales

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It's more good news this week for marine mammals. The Georgia Aquarium has announced it will no longer take in dolphins or whales that are caught in the wild. This is just the latest in the list of aquariums and zoos who have changed their policy in response to the continuing backlash from activists concerned [...]

16 06, 2016

Seaside Sanctuary for Dolphins

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The National Aquarium in Baltimore is making big changes. In building the nation's first seaside sanctuary for dolphins, the aquarium is redefining the standards for marine captivity. By 2020, the National Aquarium plans to have all of their dolphins moved. They currently have 8, and all except 1 were born in captivity. The only wild-born [...]

26 04, 2016

Dolphins in the Desert- Great Idea or Terrible Plan?

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Dolphins. In the desert. If something seems out of place to you here, you are not alone. More than 100,000 individuals have gathered together to sign a petition against the very idea. Welcome to Arizona, home of the desert. You know, where there is no ocean. Where dolphins do not belong. Yet, one company, Dolphinaris, [...]