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7 05, 2016

Choosing the Right Number of Fish for Your Aquarium

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Providing a natural environment for your fish starts will a suitable aquarium. One of the major components of your suitable aquarium is the right amount of space for your fish companion. The aim is to have maximum stocking level without overcrowding the tank. According to the rule of thumb, "1 inch of fish is added [...]

24 04, 2016

Beginner’s Guide to Salt-Water Tanks

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Below are few things every beginner should know before setting up a saltwater fish tanks. This guide is simple but thorough, but in any situation, there are so many mistakes a beginner is ought to make, and we can’t be able to cover all of them in this article. However, what’s in this guide increases [...]

20 04, 2016

What to See at the Aquarium

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Aquariums offer endless fun and learning opportunities for students, families and other groups who are attracted to marine life. Master designers are tasked with creating habitats that different species can peacefully live in without forgetting to add a touch of flair for people’s entertainment. Different aquariums therefore have several aspects that make them attractive as [...]