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11 08, 2017

Horse Sense: How Horses See the World Around Them

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Horses, like people, have their own unique personalities. No two horses are exactly the same. Yet many share very similar qualities. Affectionate, cautious, patient, and courageous are all terms commonly used to describe horses.  When horses and their humans spend a lot of time together, they often become inseparable and bonded for life.  It is [...]

26 04, 2016

Quick Look- Can Horses Lie Down?

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It seems like a silly question, but it is one of the most common horse related questions. Can horses lie down? The quick answer is Ýes, a horse can lay down. In fact a horse must lie down every day in order to get deep sleep or rapid eye movement REM sleep. REM sleep is [...]

15 04, 2016

Horse Care Basics

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Owning a horse involves a lot of responsibilities including horse care. Horse care requires attention from the owner to ensure the horse’s optimal health and long life. There are many aspects to horse care such as age, breed, activity level, climate and underlying health issues. All of these affect the way the owner needs to [...]

6 04, 2016

Proper Hoof Care

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For horse owners, proper hoof care is one of the most important tasks. You need to be familiar with your horse's feet so that you will know if something is wrong by picking up your horse's feet every day, trimming your horse's hooves on a regular basis, scheduling regular visits with the farrier, and double-checking to [...]