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2 07, 2016

One Year After Cecil the Lion

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One year ago, this week, traditional news and social media went wild after the story of the killing of a lion in Africa. American hunter, Walter Palmer and his crew were said to have lured the lion out of its protected area so they could track and kill it “legally”. Blurring the lines between legal [...]

15 06, 2016

India ‘Arrests’ Lions to Find Killer

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Three people have died outside of a lion sanctuary in Gujarat, India, and officials have captured 18 lions of suspect. Essentially, these animals have been "arrested" until the killer lion can be identified. Forest officials look at the paw prints and the excrement of the animals to help narrow down the suspect. Wildlife expert Ruchi Dave [...]

22 05, 2016

Zookeepers Kill 2 Lions To Save Suicidal Man

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Zookeepers in Chile killed two African lions Saturday to protect a man who entered their enclosure. The man stripped naked, jumped into the pen and began taunting the male and female big cats, The Guardian reported. Zookeepers first turned a hose on the animals, which had instinctively attacked the intruder. They then fired a tranquilizer [...]

29 04, 2016

33 Lions Rescued from Circus- Destined for New Life

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33 lions, including those called Ricardo, Shakira, and Zeus, are destined for freedom. The lions, rescued from circuses in Colombia and Peru, are headed for a trip of a lifetime, a trip that will land them in a sanctuary in Africa. The "largest lion airlift" is scheduled for Friday and is organized by Animal Defenders [...]