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11 05, 2016

Nobody Saw This Volcano Erupt … Except NASA’s Satellites

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For the first time in 60 years, Mount Sourabaya erupted with a spectacular show of fiery lava — in fact, it erupted twice. But there wasn't a single human soul who saw the eruptions live

11 05, 2016

New State of Water: Strange 6-Sided Molecule Found

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A strange new behavior of water molecules has been observed inside crystals of beryl, a type of emerald, caused by bizarre quantum-mechanical effects that let the water molecules face six different directions at the same time

10 05, 2016

Chunks of Earth’s Mantle Are ‘Peeling Off’

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An odd phenomenon may explain why the Southeastern United States has experienced recent earthquakes, even though the region sits snugly in the middle of a tectonic plate and not at the edges, where all the ground-shaking action usually happens