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16 05, 2016

A Kitty and Her Guinea Pigs

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This week's small pets (Julie and Rosie) of the week are submitted via Facebook from Sarah of Texas. Curiosity gets the best of Nyx, the cat as she jumps in the cage while Sarah was changing the guinea pigs water. No harm, no foul- just a curious kitten and her rodent friends. So being calm [...]

20 04, 2016

Caring for Pet Mice

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Having been bred for over 15,000 years, raising mice is a popular choice for a pet. Like any other pet, caring for pet mice is an essential undertaking to ensures the mourse leads a comfortable and healthy life while not exposing you and your family to health issues. Basic things you need to observe in mice [...]

7 04, 2016

Small Space, Small Pet

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Owning a small pet can be a lot of fun-- either you're alone or your family have decided to keep one. There's a wide range of little adorable pets to choose from, that it becomes difficult to decide which one you're going to keep. Though, aside from that, it's also important to be a responsible [...]