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9 06, 2016

Recent North Texas Floods Bring Out the Gators

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Residents of Lake Worth, Texas are feeling uneasy regarding the large numbers of alligators recently spotted. As a result of recent storms and rain, more and more alligators have been displaced and pushed out into the open. Adult male American alligators are not easy to miss. They can reach 15 ft in length and can [...]

22 04, 2016

Tiger Found Wandering Around Texas City

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In a case of "Only in Texas", authorities in CONROE, Texas are asking for help locating the owner of a tiger found wandering around. Yes, a tiger. Animal control officers responded Thursday morning after several calls from citizens reporting a tiger meandering on Coral Cove Pass. The young female tiger was wearing a collar and [...]

7 04, 2016

Dallas Elephants Named

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The Dallas Zoo named five of the elephants it received in a controversial move from Africa last month. Tenadji (ten-DAHJ-ee), the only male in the group, has gained 100 pounds since arriving in North Texas. His name means "Make it Happen." Nolwazi (nole-WAH-zee) is the oldest of the group and we're told it's rude to [...]