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24 06, 2016

Here Comes the New England Cottontail

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In New Hampshire, scientists are working to restore the habitat of the New England cottontail. The bunnies are currently being bred and raised in captivity at local zoos, but soon they will be part of a reintroduction plan to release 500 of the bunnies yearly. The cottontails are expected to find homes in the farms [...]

28 05, 2016

Snakes Need Care Too- Rethinking Our Fear of Snakes

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Make a post or comment about snakes, and ninety five percent of the time, you will get the exact same response from your friends or social media followers. "Eww, a snake" "The only good snake is a dead snake" "Kill it!" Mythology Unfortunately, snakes are well known FOR their misrepresentation. Whether that begins with mythology, [...]