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29 06, 2016

Aquarium Won’t Accept Wild Dolphins, Whales

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It's more good news this week for marine mammals. The Georgia Aquarium has announced it will no longer take in dolphins or whales that are caught in the wild. This is just the latest in the list of aquariums and zoos who have changed their policy in response to the continuing backlash from activists concerned [...]

14 06, 2016

Boy Shares Pictures with Gorilla

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A video of a boy sharing pictures with a gorilla resurfaced this week, most likely in response to the gorilla incident in Cincinnati. This beautiful moment, captured on camera, shows a young man looking at gorilla images on his phone and showing them to a captive gorilla at the Louisville Zoo. The gorilla sits next [...]

22 05, 2016

Zookeepers Kill 2 Lions To Save Suicidal Man

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Zookeepers in Chile killed two African lions Saturday to protect a man who entered their enclosure. The man stripped naked, jumped into the pen and began taunting the male and female big cats, The Guardian reported. Zookeepers first turned a hose on the animals, which had instinctively attacked the intruder. They then fired a tranquilizer [...]

8 04, 2016

Penguin March

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Detroit, Mi- Watch as the penguins march to their new home at the Detroit Zoo’s Polk Penguin Conservation Center. Opening April 18, the 33,000-square-foot penguin center is the largest facility for penguins in the world and features a 326,000-gallon, 25-foot-deep aquatic area where visitors can watch more than 80 penguins of four species explore their habitat. [...]