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5 06, 2016

Most Popular US Zoos

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It's June and here at AnimalPlex, we are celebrating National Zoos and Aquariums Month, and we are doing so in a number of different ways. We know how important our zoos and aquariums are to the future different animal species. Some species would not stand a chance if it was not for the research and [...]

16 05, 2016

Zoo Babies!

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It's Spring Time, which means new families and new births in zoos around the country. Successful breeding programs are one of the key aspects to the importance of zoos, as conservation and protection and research will ensure the future of some of the world's most critical animals. So with each birth is a new celebration [...]

11 04, 2016

Environmental Enrichment

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If you’ve been to a zoo lately, you may have noticed a few things look different than what zoos looked like to previous generations. Once nothing more than cages to keep animals on display, zoos have evolved to become research centers, conservation professionals, rehabilitation management centers, and breeding areas. Although zoos and other animal entertainment [...]