Teaching a Dog New Tricks

»»Teaching a Dog New Tricks

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When you get a new puppy, the excitement may soon wear off if you don’t teach them a few simple commands to follow. Many owners have mastered the “sit” and “stay” directions, but nothing past that. What commands are next for your pet?

I’ve Taught My Dog to Sit and Stay, What’s Next?

Once you’ve got the more basic commands down, it’s time to move on to more sophisticated training. Most training relies on repetition and reward systems (treats), so you will continue this process for the other commands as well.

Teaching to “Come”

Take your dog out on a leash. Then begin to walk backward. Encourage them to come by saying “yes”, and when they do come, give them a treat. Gradually incorporate the word “come” in with yes and do it enough times where you’re confident they understand– then test it without the leash. Repeat this practice until they obey each time.

Teaching “Down”

Teach “down” by putting a treat in your hand and putting it near their muzzle. Move your hand to the floor and move it along the floor. Once they go into the “down” position, open your hand and give them the treat! Usually they’ll learn this one quickly.

Teaching to Be a Good Walker

Take a few treats out with you on a walk. When your pet stays close to you, give it a treat. If he pulls, just stop and stand still. Let him have some slack and if he goes too far, encourage him to come (and reward with another treat).

These are the basic commands for most dogs. If your pet continues to have difficulty learning these things, check out a dog training class. A training session can help your pet learn faster and will save you some of the time and struggle. Dog training classes can be found in pet stores and through individuals in your city. Best of luck training your pup!

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