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Residents of Lake Worth, Texas are feeling uneasy regarding the large numbers of alligators recently spotted. As a result of recent storms and rain, more and more alligators have been displaced and pushed out into the open.

Adult male American alligators are not easy to miss. They can reach 15 ft in length and can weigh as much as 1,000 pounds — features which make the largest of these creatures resemble dinosaurs. But, of course, of all reptiles currently alive, alligators have lasted (virtually unchanged) since the Cretaceous Period, going back 65 million years.

While some residents are arguing to allow the gators to stay put, citing the rarity of attacks, others aren’t convinced. As NBCDFW reported, Capt. Cliff Swafford, a game warden with the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife, is concerned that it is breeding season. Unfortunately, while the thought of tiny gators may sound cute, this is the period when adult gators become aggressively protective of their young.

For now, the Lake Worth gators are staying put, even though it’s the summer season and Lake Worth is host to many boaters, sports fishers, and swimmers. Consequently, residents must stay safe by keeping alert. As officials have warned, “Don’t feed the gators.”


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