This Absolute Hero Climbed Headfirst Into A Muddy Hole To Rescue A Lost Dog

»»This Absolute Hero Climbed Headfirst Into A Muddy Hole To Rescue A Lost Dog

Meet Jazz the dog, a spaniel from Scotland who assists her owner Karen da Rosa on grouse shoots.

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Grouse shooting has been a favourite end-of-summer pursuit for British posh people for centuries. The season takes place in Scotland in August and September every year.Dogs, especially spaniels, are used on shoots to scare the birds out of the grass so that people can shoot them while they try to fly off.

After an extensive search of the area, the estate’s head gamekeeper, Garry MacLennan, discovered Jazz down the hole after hearing breathing, prompting fellow keeper Jonny Stevenson to dive into the hole and begin Jazz’s rescue.Stevenson told STV that the dog was trapped in a “pipe hole, which is an underground peat chamber that lets the water run”.

“It’s never a nice feeling when a dog goes missing,” Stevenson told Shooting UK. “Karen had resigned herself to her dog being lost due to the length of time she was missing, so once she was located it was a massive relief to everyone.”

Stevenson said they had to dig through 6 feet of wet peat to get to Jazz, and that she was “very happy to see us”.

Facebook: AGMGuk

Da Rosa said she “couldn’t thank the Invermark heroes enough for saving Jazz and everyone on the shoot took the time to search”

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