People Are Freaking Out Over This Dog And His Adorable Backstory

»»People Are Freaking Out Over This Dog And His Adorable Backstory

Cadet Oscar climbed up the ranks and into our hearts as Captain Ron.

Meet Captain Ron, a popular resident of the Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary, who is loved by many.

Facebook: OldFriendsSeniorDogSanctuary

Fans of Old Friends on Facebook have been eager to know more about Captain Ron since he was taken in by the Tennessee sanctuary two years ago.

Facebook: OldFriendsSeniorDogSanctuary

Captain Ron’s Facebook fame led to his previous owners spotting him and reaching out to Old Friends to share their excitement. They said they had “long given up hope” they would ever see him again.

“They just saw him on our page and, of course, knew it was their long lost dog right away,” Old Friends wrote in a Facebook post. They also shared pictures of Captain Ron before his new life in the sanctuary.

Facebook: OldFriendsSeniorDogSanctuary

“He went missing about 2 years ago. I really thought he was dead. Every day I was hoping that I would hear about him returning,” the overjoyed original owner wrote in an email to Old Friends

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