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LaDell, submitted by Nicholas Walker of Colorado, United States

LaDell was born in my living room, the oldest of three. We commonly refer to him as Smelly LaDelly because, as a kitten, he did not bathe himself well. This is why he and his mom, Spatula had such a close bond before she passed. He was Momma’s Special Boy. I had intended on adopting him out to a friend because I didn’t want so many cats, but he basically demanded that I love him. He acts like a dog. And comes when I call him . His sisters’ names are Cleaver and Fork. And mom’s name was Spatula. Dad’s name was Shiv. I call them my kitten utensils.

Thank you for your submission, Nicholas! What a beautiful cat LaDell is and we are excited to feature him as our Cat of the Week!

If you think your cat should be our next cat of the week, find us on Facebook or Twitter and look for the post “Cat of the Week Submissions”. We can’t wait to see the cute pictures you send us this week!


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