Tiger Found Wandering Around Texas City

»»Tiger Found Wandering Around Texas City

In a case of “Only in Texas”, authorities in CONROE, Texas are asking for help locating the owner of a tiger found wandering around. Yes, a tiger.

Animal control officers responded Thursday morning after several calls from citizens reporting a tiger meandering on Coral Cove Pass. The young female tiger was wearing a collar and leash.

When spotting the tiger, Jonathan Gessner considered running away but decided to approach the tiger to judge the response, reporting, “Out of nowhere it took off running towards me, put her paws on my shoulders and started licking me in the face.”

Details are still unknown regarding the owner and home of the pet tiger. However, she appears to be in good health and is safely in custody of authorities while information is gathered.

Owning exotic wild life in Texas may be legally possible depending on local and county laws, although Conroe has stricter regulations than the over all state legislation. Regardless of the legality, the owner will face citations, and the tiger will have to be re-homed after the incident.

Photo Credit, Conroe Police Department

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