Tips for Feeding Horses

»»Tips for Feeding Horses

Horse owners always enjoy looking after their companions. They are also very careful to provide the best feeds to their horses. However, it is not easy to provide a balanced diet to your horse companions. Overfeeding can lead to various obesity problems such as equine metabolic syndrome, which may lead to laminitis. Some horse owners consider themselves as the master chef for their horse and they provide food to them without any specific or unusual feeding requirements. This tendency is the root cause of overfeeding.

In fact, most horses require only a simple diet of hay or good pasture. If they are not getting enough nutrition from this diet, you can provide concentrates or supplements to them.

You should strictly avoid slicing carrots, cooking bran mashes, and providing loads of nutrition to them. If you test the hay, you will get a good idea regarding which supplement should be added to the diet of your horse.

Overfeeding is a common problem among young horses. With an objective to grow them fast, you may give them more and more food. But, you should be aware that rapid growth leads to joint malformations. Your horse requires a slow steady growth. Ample exercise, parasite control medications, and a balanced diet can keep them lean and fit.

Under feeding is a common problem with senior and hard working horses. They may not get proper food to keep them look lean. You can provide concentrates to your horse if pasture or hay is not adequate to them. However, a major part of your horse diet is made up of hay or grass. Over feeding concentrates, under feeding of hay, and grains can cause colic. You must provide supplements and concentrates to your senior horses because they cannot digest food efficiently when they become old.

When you watch the pasture from a distance, you may feel that it is green and lush. But, if you inspect if closely, you can see that the pasture is being occupied by undesirable weeds. So, they may also start eating less nutritional food. Sometimes, your horse may eat toxic weeds as well. Therefore, you must check the pastures very carefully.

Poor hay is the root cause of lots of health problems in horses. So, you should always try to purchase good hay because nutritionally deficient hay causes colic. Moldy, dusty hay causes lots of problems to the lungs of your horse. You must be aware that feeding a horse is not so easy. They must be fed very carefully to avoid various health problems and keep your horse companion healthy and fit.

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