Top 10 Best Christmas Gifts for Dog Parents

»»Top 10 Best Christmas Gifts for Dog Parents

Christmas is fast approaching. One of the most awaited time of the year, we never fail to make each Christmas extra special. Being one in celebrating the season of giving, the subject of our generosity for this article, are our loving dog parents.

Here are some interesting ideas for the best gifts for dog parents that may give you a head start in celebrating Christmas 2016.

Gifts for Two


These kind of gifts are meant for sharing. Treasure the bonding of the dog parents and their dogs by giving them a gift that both of them will enjoy. Austrian researchers said the relationship between pet owners and their dogs is very similar to the deep connection between young children and their parents. This wonderful bond deserves a wonderful compliment that can be expressed by giving them something to share for the season.

1 Chuckit! Pro Launchers



A toy for Christmas present, why not. Toys for dogs are always appreciated. This one makes playing fetch with your dog a breeze. Chuckit Pro features a high-performance construction with no-slip grip and the ability to throw three times further than playing fetch manually. Perfect for active dogs, without the dog parent worrying about touching the drool-covered ball their playmate returns!

A prodigy at the most powerful dog ball launcher in the world. The striking white shaft and colourful grip of the Chuckit Pro Launcher sets it apart from any competitor out there.

The dog parent can really get some great distances from the Pro Launcher by gripping the ball for that little bit longer, coupled with a patented shape and enforced shaft.

With an ergonomic, colourful grip you can hold the launcher in a few ways when throwing the ball, unlike other less expensive throwers around.

Available in a variety of sizes to suit everyone, there is a perfect ball launcher for the owner and their pet dog.

2 Auto Refilling Dog Bowl

How about a Christmas gift that makes hydrating easy for both the dog and the dog parent? The bowl attaches to walls and other outdoor surfaces, as well as the garden hose.  Auto refilling dog bowl, top-ups when necessary, making it healthy and convenient for the dog to enjoy plenty of outdoor time.

This water bowl has a compact float valve in it that keeps the bowl filled at all times even for large dogs and many dogs sharing it. This is will give the dog parent a break from daily chore of filling and cleaning the dog’s water bowl.

3 Nina Ottosson Wooden Dog Puzzle

For a dog parent who is having a hard time to make the dog focus and calm, this is the best gift for them. These puzzles are perfect for challenging and interacting with their dogs. Made from a composite board, they offer hours of stimulating fun. Dogs learn from moving pegs on the boards and retrieving treats.

Give tips to the recipient of this gift to put together several games to make it one big activity board game. Hide treats and let your dog figure out how to find them.

They may also create own puzzle game by combining several different games, it’s all up to them to decide how difficult it will be, from easy to very advance – there are endless possibilities!

A completely new and unique concept of activity games for dogs. Use one game by itself, or put together several games to create the ultimate game at the level that their dog needs.

4 Petmate Two Door Kennel


Timely for Christmas escapade for the dog parent and their pet, this gift will make a comfortable way to transport a pet. Its two door construction allows for easy access and removal and reduces the anxiety associated with staying in a confined space. It is made of steel and plastic, so it is easy to clean and it is also durable. Steel wire and plastic construction keep your pet safe. Its modern design will give the little one a ride in style.

Heavy duty ergonomic carry handle for safer pet transport, this kennel is available in two sizes that can accommodate pets ranging from 5 to 20 pounds.


 5 Dog Peek Window

A gift worth of an investment for a very special family member this holidays. Dogs long to see what is on the other side of its yard fence. Pacify a pet’s curiosity while giving the pet owner serenity from unbearable barking. Give him a chance to glimpse the outside world any time he chooses with the Dog Peek Window. The window can be installed in any wood fence and features a spherical design perfect for snooping and peeking.

Designed with durable acrylic dome measuring 9.5 Inch in diameter, a black trim ring and all necessary hardware, all included for easy installation.

This idea of Christmas gift can help deter overly curious dogs from jumping over fences and reduces risk of injury from attempted escape.


There more things to share with our pets, Amazon has a wide array of items that you can choose from as you decide on gifts that you can give both to the pet parent and the pet.

Another set of best gifts for dog parent are dog-themed items.


Dog-Themed Christmas Presents

For this kind of gifts, there are two important symbols to spot on, symbols of dogs and Christmas.  Putting these symbols together is not difficult at all besides it’s Christmas and everything has a touch of the season, even dog-themed stuff.


6 Christmas Ornaments with Dog Accent


These Christmas ornaments will last. Personalized or handmade, any Christmas ornament that has a symbol of dogs are remarkable gifts for people who loves dogs. No wonder that the recipient of this gifts would want to display them long after the season is over. Christmas ornaments contribute a lot in creating a festive atmosphere.  Dogs and their dog parents will experience extra joy as they celebrate the holidays surrounded by decors that represent their relationship.

7 Personal Items with a “touch of Dogs”

This category is broad, it revolves around almost everything that the dog parent personally uses. No need to infuse Christmassy accent, as long as it has a doggy accent, it will surely touch their hearts.  Among these items are mentioned below:


Tote bags with a dog theme are great Christmas gifts for environmentally friendly dog parents who do not like to use plastic shopping bags and dog parents who just have lots of stuff to tote around. Prices for dog-themed tote bags start at around $10.00. AmazonCafePress and Etsy have lots of tote bags with a dog theme. You are sure to find one that suits the dog parent on your Christmas list.

A purse or bag is a very personal gift and many people, male and female, have strong preferences as to which features and colors they like. However, bag as a gift for a dog parent may only require a powerful image or representation of dog on it.  Do consider their personality for it helps to know your giftee’s preferences.

Flip Flops

Flip flops with dog pictures on them are a useful, unexpected Christmas gift for dog parents who love to go to the beach or just like to wear flip flops. CafePress has them for about $17.00 per pair. They have breed-specific flip flops and non-breed specific flip flops for men and women.



Dog-themed clothes can never be a bad Christmas gift for dog parents. From t-shirts to pajamas and hoodies, all dog parents enjoy clothing that represents their love for their dog.

CaféPress has a fun selection of dog-themed clothing for men, women, and children. From a $13.00 pair of “Boxer” boxer shorts to an $18.00 “Grandpaw” t-shirt or a $37.00 sweatshirt with a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel running across the front, they are sure to have something that most dog parents would love to wear.

Remember to take a look at Amazon as well where you can find more cool dog themed hoodies and t-shirts for cheap.

Pooch Looking Forward to Receive One

In this category, the focus is on the receiver of the gift, the dog. A happy dog means a happy dog parent. Extend love and appreciation to man’s best friend for being extra good this year.

8 Anything to Keep Them Warm


Memory Foam Dog Bed


Dogs and pups need more warmth during this season, let them settle in for a long winter nap.  When buying this for a gift, look for the ones designed for indoor use, with authentic memory foam benefits and comfort that are excellent for aging pets. Make sure it has generous thickness to prevent the pet from sinking to the floor.  A removable, washable cover is a plus feature that you may want to consider.

Sweater, Hoodies, and Cold Weather Coats


Keep the dogs warm on those chilly winter walks with these apparels as your Christmas gift to your furry friend.

Dogs can feel the cold of the winter season, so consider buying Christmas gifts that will help to keep the dog cozy and warn.  Technically, not every dog needs help to keep warm but many dogs do- either stay indoors, outdoors or both. Dogs live in our heated, insulated homes and, just like us, some can find going out in winter weather a bit of a shock, especially thin coated dogs, elderly dogs or breeds that are not very hardy. Other dogs may feel the cold indoors in the dead of night when the heating is off and we are all snuggled under our duvets. Then there are those other times when many dogs can feel cold, for example after a bath, when they are wet through.


9 Home Sweet Home


Visit a dog parent friend, carrying a dog house with you as a Christmas present. You can’t imagine how you made his Christmas special. How thoughtful of you to spend money and exert effort to give a dog house. It doesn’t have to be an expensive one, as long as it has a feature to entertain their dog during family festivities.

Dog houses are important for pet owners, it is used everywhere to provide shelter for their pets when they are outdoors. They come in a huge array of styles and sizes to accommodate any situation. Regardless of how big or small your dog is, there is a dog house that will work just right for them.


10 DIYs for Doggy


This makes gifts idea unlimited. DIY items will let you put a personal touch on gifts that any dog and dog parent would love to receive. Imagination has no limit, creativity, resourcefulness and thoughtfulness come together perfectly in celebrating Christmas 2016.

Easy, fun, and creative, are the best gifts for dog parents. DIY gift tutorials are perfect for quick afternoon projects.

Pretty and Fluffy has 15 DIY ideas for Christmas gifts for dogs that I personally recommend as a must-try.

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