Top 5 Best Hands Free Dog Leashes in the Market

»»Top 5 Best Hands Free Dog Leashes in the Market

Top 5 Best Hands Free Dog Leashes in the Market

The first time I had Bela as a German Husky pup, I told myself not to put her on leash, with the negative notion on the idea of leash. As time passed by, I learned to accept the truth that it is a necessity. Many pet parents love spending time outdoors, and especially doing so with their dogs. Not all leashes are good for this purpose, which is why best hands free dog leash is often the first choice for those interested in running, biking, hiking, walking and more.

A hands free leash for dogs means you are free to go on about your things without the worry of keeping your dog close.

These dog leashes that are, often called the buddy system, are often designed as a dog walking belt and aimed precisely for owners of running dogs, people on bikes, with strollers or people in a wheelchair. They pair well with a dog running harness.

Love running with dogs? Experts advise for owners often visiting dog parks to use some type of reliable, best hands free dog leash for safety, security and convenience. Not really into running with dog, and have no requirement for a dog running leash? Check out our review of the overall Best Dog Leash for walking.

What is the Best Hands Free Dog Leash?

1 Ruffwear Flat Out Leash for Pets


First one on the list considered by us to be the best hands free dog leash is a product made by a famous dog company, Ruffwear. Whether you’re walking, hiking, or running with dogs, the Ruffwear Flat Out 6-foot long leash for dogs is a great choice as it is designed for sturdiness.

Ruffwear is one of the best manufacturers of dog supplies out there. Their best dog leash comes with a proprietary Ruffwear-designed Tubelok webbing for enhanced reliability. You can now have an adjustable worry-free clasp cushioned handle that can be hand held, waist worn, hooked on a backpack or belt loop, or safely attached to a rail, fence or tree. Or you can enjoy a secure one-handed attachment with its strong aluminum Talon Clip that can withstand impulsive dog sprints.

For a more trusted opinion, we advise reading hands free dog leash reviews above. Ruffwear’s Flat Out Leash has worked perfectly for pet owners of large dogs. The improvement made on the adjustable cushioned handles and the ingenious lobster-claw metal clip (instead of plastic buckles from previous models) for a more secure and worry-free one-handed attachment gained tons of positive reviews. The Talon clip, they say, is quick and easy to attach and detach, easily making this one of the best hands free dog leashes for running with dogs, or even just walking.

On the downside section, owners of small (10-15 pounds) dogs bewail of the Ruffwear flat out leash’s availability in a single size – which is appropriate for (semi)large dogs only. The current available size is too wide for small dogs and the Talon clip is too big. We’d like to have a smaller and shorter version of the hands free dog leash to suit our puppies as well. A traffic loop that would provide more grip and control was also a common clamor among pet owners who walked their dogs in busy streets on a regular basis.

Thumbs Up:

  • Great looking design


  • Best quality design
  • Useful proprietary features
  • Perfect for large dogs
  • Most trusted brand


  • Unsuitable for small dogs

2 Mighty Paw Hands-Free Dog Leash


Second best hands free dog leash on our list is made by a lesser known yet very quickly rising company Mighty Paw. Mighty Paw’s innovative features are primarily designed to provide maximum comfort to both owner and dog, and the ultimate experience in quality bonding.

Mighty Paw Hands Free Dog Leash is made from high quality materials with water-resistant nylon and reflective thread sewn around the waist belt and the bungee for night visibility. This double dog leash comes with an easy adjusting connector to fit waists up to 42 inches securely, and a D-ring that slides smoothly around the belt. While the bungee provides sufficient slack to absorb the brute force of a strong-pulling dog, it has ample tensile strength to hold the dog alongside of it.

Going through this hands free dog leash reviews on online dog supplies websites such as Amazon, we see that pet parents have recommended both versions (36-inch and the 42-inch lengths) of the Mighty Paw dog leash – the short one for running side by side with the dog, while the long version allows the dog to take the lead without it being accidentally kicked, easily making this the second best hands free dog leash for those running with dogs.

Pet owners are saying that this hands free leash for dogs has offered a solution to what they have always thought was a pain: walking their 70 to 100-pound dogs and getting dragged along the way. Even those who were initially skeptical about the belt-and-bungee concept now think that the design of this dog running leash was life-changing for them. Additionally, there are mentions that controlling energetic dogs has become 10 times easier with this double dog lead, probably because a person or runner’s core is stronger than the arm. This concept is actually the basis for the design of this best hands free dog leash.

Thumbs Up:

  • Reflective thread sewn around the waist belt and the bungee for night visibility.


  • Most popular leash on Amazon
  • Premium design
  • Unique features
  • Recommended by physical therapists
  • Water-proof


  • Durability issues

3 Prosper Pets Hands-Free Dog Leash with Shock Absorption


Third best hands free dog leash on the list is offered to pet parents by another quickly growing dog company, Prosper Pets. This hands free leash for dogs is available in two different sizes at slightly varying prices with the same lovable features – the standard 36-inch leash and the longer 48-inch leash.

Prosper Pets hands free dog leash has a Shock Absorption feature and its extendable bungee leash (extends up to 56”) is made from durable materials and designed for all-weather conditions. The dog running leash has reflective stitching to enhance visibility during night or early morning runs with your dog. The adjustable waist belt can fit waists of sizes from 26 to 42 inches, with a close-grip handle right next to the clip that serves like a standard hand-held leash for increased control over hard-pulling dogs.

According to the above hands free leash reviews, pet owners who used to have issues with walking their pets now find this activity an enjoyable one with this dog walking belt. With a springy bungee leash, there’s absolutely no struggle with the canine. What used to be awkward jerks have become gentle tugs, instead. The handle loops of this third best hands free dog leash are there for the grabbing when we wanted to limit dog’s adventures. Several clips and the D-ring make adjusting the belt easy, especially for youngsters walking their pets.

The hands-free idea of Prosper Pets dog leash has delighted customers, not only because it gave more independence to their active dogs, but also because it allowed them to be freer with their hands. They may now carry a camera, talk on the phone, or grab a drink. The maximum hands free leash for dogs length of 4 feet, however, could be too short for really tall people. This is a great tool, overall, for walking large dogs the safe and pleasant way.

Thumbs Up:

  • 90 day money back guarantee


  • Unique shock absorption feature
  • Extendable bungee
  • High quality materials
  • 9 stars on Amazon (220+ reviews)


  • May be too short

4 Roadrunner Running Dog Leash Hands-Free with LED Light


Fourth one of the best hands free dog leashes is manufactured by Roadrunner, another rising dog products company. Roadrunner’s offering is not your usual set of the best hands free dog leash for running – it comes with a bonus LED light which attaches to the dog leash to make evening runs or walks safer.

Roadrunner Running Dog Leash Hands Free extends from a length of 35 to 57 inches, while the 1-inch wide belt adjusts up to a waist length of 49 inches. A quick-release buckle system connects the belt to the double dog leash. In addition, this hands-free leash for dogs comes with a swivel hook and a similar quick-release system for attaching the leash to the pet’s collar or harness.

Going through hundreds of this hands free dog leash reviews online, it’s clear that this product gained approval from pet owners who were used to the traditional hand-held dog leashes but now choosing running with dogs using this fourth best hands free dog leash. This belt-and-leash innovation provides strength and control, especially with the tensile resistance at the base of Roadrunner running dog leash.

The smooth swiveling that the leash does around the belt gives the dog some freedom of movement without hampering the pace of the walker. However, some dog owners complained that this has caused bruises along their waistline. They also observed that this could be the perfect hands free leash for dogs that have already been trained, but is not ideal for dogs learning to run with a leash for the first time. Dogs have to learn to follow their pack leader, and this doggy leash teaches them to become the pack leader instead.

Thumbs Up:

  • Includes LED light


  • Many useful features
  • 10-year warranty
  • Very popular on Amazon


  • May cause bruising
  • Not suitable for untrained dogs

5 Tuff Mutt Hands-Free Dog Leash for Running, Walking, Hiking


Last best hands free dog leash on our list is made by a very popular company, Tuff Mutt. This was a tricky picky, mostly because this product is often unavailable. If their supply would’ve been steady, we’d place it higher on the list, but the inconsistencies with how the company runs the business placed this product a little lower.

Nonetheless, this is a great option. Like others, this fifth best hands free dog leash allows you to enjoy freedom of movement and comfort, while giving you an easy yet firm control as you take your dog out for a walk, trail-hike, or an evening run. Made from top-quality materials for durability and weather-proofing, Tuff Mutt Hands Free Dog Leash can restrain even heavy-pulling dogs.

Other amazing features are: a 48-inch long and 1-inch wide reflective dual-handle bungee leash that leaves enough room for both handler and dog running abreast or with the dog taking the lead. The bungee eliminates the constant pull on your dog, and extends up to 60-inches when needed. A durable metal belt clip of this double dog leash slides smoothly along the waist belt (up to a maximum of 42-inch waistline) to allow the dog to move about more freely.

We were not the only ones surprised by all the unique and high quality features of this fifth best hands free leash for dogs. According to the above reviews, the bungee innovation is preferred by many pet owners over the average pet leash because of its durability and high-tension character. Many dog owners found Tuff Mutt dog leash especially applicable for the large-breed types that pack a lot of muscles. According to buyers, they are more confident using it and believe that it is more reliable and safer to use because it hooks around the waist and well supported by two durable handles.

The only complaint about this fifth best hands free dog leash comes from most small dog owners who want more freedom for their smaller-breed dogs and puppies. They find this 4-foot pet leash not long enough to keep their dogs from hovering around their feet. That is a personal preference of a few, however, since most buyers prefer the shorter length for added control. Other than this minor observation, pet parents are keen on recommending this highly flexible and sturdy leash to friends with active large dogs.

Thumbs Up:

  • Very smart design


  • One of the most popular leashes
  • 9 stars on Amazon (330+ reviews)
  • Unique, high quality features
  • Reflective materials


  • Not for small dogs
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