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To Start Off

When you are starting to train your doggy, you must not get disheartened if it does not learn well. Generally, dogs do not become obedient in a day or two of training sessions. You need to be very patient when you are training your pet. You must also know that some pooches take longer to learn than others of their same breed. So if your friend’s puppy learnt to sit or stay in a week, your pet may take more time to prove its obedience to you. It is very important for you to be patient when training your puppy and should never lose your cool.

Basic Commands

It is very important to teach basic commands to your dog before it learns the complex tricks. They are discussed below how you can teach them.

1. To Sit –

When you are teaching your dog to sit, you need to get its attention. Take a piece of dog food in your hand and bring it close to his nose. You may let him lick the treat but should not allow him to snatch it away. When he tries to take away the food from your hand, you should raise your hand from his nose to over his head while you say “Sit”. He will look over at the ceiling while looking where his food goes. When he raises his head upwards, he will be bending his knees to maintain the balance of his body. He will eventually in a sitting position, so you should give him his treat and praise him by saying “Good Sit! Good Dog!” You must remember that you should not always use food treats to make your pooch sit but use it only for training purpose.

2. To Come –

Teaching a dog to come to you can be a fun experience and it may be annoying too if he does not respond. When you are starting to teach this command to your dog, he may not respond to your command as he does not understand what you are saying. You should not get irritated if he does not come at once. If you raise your voice and command him to come in an agitated tone then he may become violent. The tone of your voice should be relaxed when you are calling out to your puppy. When you are teaching this command to your pet, you should consider involving other family members too. Everyone should hold a dog treat in their hand and call out to the dog one by one. When the dog notices the food in the hand while he is hearing the command “Come” then he will understand that he is being called by his owners.

These are two basic commands that must be taught to a puppy when he comes to the house as a pet. It is very important to be consistent when training dogs. If you are not regularly training your pet pooch then he will not be able to learn quickly. You must know that puppies are smart by nature and they will learn the commands easily. However, you have to be consistent when training them so that they become an obedient pet dog of his master.

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