(Trapped) Fish of the Week

»»(Trapped) Fish of the Week

This photo, taken by Tim Samuel in December, went viral this week, thanks to DiscoverOcean sharing the photo on their Instagram account. Samuel and a friend were photographing sea life when they happened upon the scene. The image, which shows a large yellow fish inside a translucent jellyfish, is a sight the photographers had never seen before.

According to the two, it didn’t appear as though the jellyfish had eaten the fish, but rather, the fish just ended up inside the creature by accident. They swam along together, the fish propelling the movement and direction of the jellyfish. After snapping a few shots, Samuel went on with his day, and to photographing turtles.

“I definitely thought about setting it free,” Samuel told CNN, “but in the end decided to just let nature run its course.”

AnimalPlex gives you, little yellow fish, the honor of Fish of the Week this week. And a reminder to each of us: you may feel stuck in life, but at least you’re not as stuck as this yellow fish trapped inside a jellyfish.



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