Travel With Your Feline in Style

»»Travel With Your Feline in Style

No one ever wants to put their cat into a carry case, but there are times when we have to. If your poorly cat needs to take a trip to the vet, or if they’re going on an adventure with you, it’s important for the safety of both you that they’re secure in their carrier or case. There are, however, a number of comfy, stylish carry cases on the market which make transporting your feline friend a little easier. Here is a guide to keeping your cat as happy as possible while you get them from A to B.

Folding carriers

Cat carriers don’t have to be those hard, unwelcoming cases which we all imagine. Try a collapsable or foldable carrier. They come in different shapes, sizes and colors, are just as safe, and look a lot more inviting. It’s not just your cat who will benefit from a folding carrier. They won’t take up loads of room in the back if you need to carry it in the car without the cat.

Cat carry bags

Pet carry bags allow you to carry your cat on your arm, and can be really comforting for them. Being so close to you can calm them down, especially if they know they’re going somewhere they don’t want to go. They come in a range of different colors, styles and patterns, and unzip at the top rather than at the front. This way, you can place them in rather than having to force them in! if you have to sit in the vet’s waiting room, unzip the top to comfort them while you wait.

Kitty windows

If your four-legged friend gets a bit nervous when they can’t see what’s going on around them, a carry bag with mesh panels on the side will really help to calm them down. The mesh panels, which are primary designed to ensure ventilation, also mean that you’re able to see inside and can make sure that they’re OK.

Deluxe style

For cats who like to travel in style, deluxe, spacious pet carriers are available in pet stores and online. Pet crates are suitable for both cats and dogs and give your cat plenty of room whilst you travel. Don’t buy a crate which is too over-sized, however, as you want to make sure they’re going to be safe back there. In order to make their traveling experience even more luxurious, you can buy a fleece pet bed to place in the bottom. It’ll be so comfy that you might even struggle to get them out!

For the eco-cat

Just about everything comes in an eco-friendly version these days, and cat carriers are no exception! The Outward Hound Eco Lightweight Carrier is made from post-consumer fibre commonly used in reusable grocery bags. It’s light, easy to carry, easy to pack away and is ideal for short trips. It’s not particularly hard-wearing though, so if you’re planning a long journey, consider using a more structured carrier.


A few essential kitty travel tips

• Take a few trial runs in your carrier before hitting the road, in order to get them used to it.
• If they do become restless, don’t let them out of the carrier whilst the car is still moving. As tempting this may be, if they escape your grasp they might distract the driver.
• Put a small dish of water in the carry-case. Non-spill bowls are available online and are a great investment.
• Place their carrier in the passenger footwell, or strap them into the back seat. Avoid putting them in the trunk of your car, because they might get even more restless and can quickly overheat.
• Finally, never leave them alone in the car – but I’m sure you don’t need us to tell you that!

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