Two Kookaburras Battle It Out Over a Snack

»»Two Kookaburras Battle It Out Over a Snack

Two kookaburras. One piece of meat. One epic standoff.

In what may be the world’s cutest fight, these two birds were caught on camera, locked in a serious battle of resolve. Nothing could persuade them to back down. Not seashell hats. Not tissue blankets. Not even another piece of meat. The person videoing the standoff tries a number of tricks to break up the fight, before giving up and going inside. He said he watched over 30 minutes before giving up.

Kookaburras are terrestrial tree kingfishers found in Australia and New Guinea. Although they are in the same group as other kingfishers, they are completely terrestrial birds and are not at all associated with water.

Kookaburras are known for their call, which mimics human laughter, and they use their calls to establish their territory. They are fiercely territorial birds which is why videos like this one are not uncommon. They will adamantly defend their space and resources, even when it doesn’t appear to make much sense to do so.

They are not currently under any endangered status, being listed as a species of lest concern. However, all native Australian birds are protected in their homeland, so the kookaburra enjoys the same level of protection as other Australian birds.

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