Wanna see Adorable Puppies on National Puppy Day?

»»Wanna see Adorable Puppies on National Puppy Day?

Happy National Puppy Day!

With all the stress in the world, the thought and images of sweet little precious puppies can put a smile and warm the heart of most anyone, scrooge included. I can’t think of anything that could bring me down after taking a gander at these fine baby canines. Take a few moments from your hectic day and soak in the love these furry ones have to give.

Wanna Cuddle?

When you get the soft gaze or whimper, how can you resist a quick cuddle with your loved pet? Don’t tell them, but I think we get more out of it than they do. What a wonderful break and re-charge they can give you, huh? You might need to run by the store and get them a little puppy present in exchange for their gift of love.

Besties for Life

So much to learn from animals. The world can be so divided and clickish at times. Don’t get me wrong, sure some dogs may bark, growl and even bite, but percentage wise they have us beat. Can’t we all just get along? Sure we can, just reach out to someone today that you might normally pass by without a glance…just say hi, give a nod, compliment or even a pat on the back, you’ll be amazed how great it can make you feel.

I Just Love these Quiet Times

Oh, the great outdoors, so peaceful, warm and inviting. Best when shared with a great friend like these 2 little adorable companions are. They are so devoted and loving.

I’m so Hungry…just a little nibble, please…

Ok, so I know your puppy eats a lot and makes a mess right? Table manners aside, they are growing so very fast and need lots of nutrition and an occasional treat or two might not hurt either. Ms. Kitty says, yes please, feed him, I’d like to have my face back.

So, I’m going to work with you Right?

These little guys and girls miss you so much when you are gone. Have you ever asked if you could bring your pup to work with you? Maybe not the whole day, maybe just after lunch for a cpl hours or bringing them by at the end of the day in the parking lot for some frisbee. The atmosphere gets much lighter with the love they share. I bring mine to a networking meeting each week and the group seems to converse and smile more when she’s around.

My Ride or Die

Best for last, although this is not my little hoodlum, mine is not far off. I have a darling Yorkie with determination, attitude and playful demeanor that has yet to not melt the heart of anyone she’s come in contact with.

Every one of us was once a little wee one, maybe not so hairy, but none the less, a small creature filled with wonder and amazement of this world we live in. Let’s take a lesson from puppies today and live in semi-reckless abandonment and enjoy the day feeling and living freer. Letting go of stress and really looking around and enjoying the day. You can find wonderful things in it if you truly open your eyes and heart.

More puppies you say? Today has even more for you to cherish in their blog. 

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  1. Beth March 23, 2017 at 8:18 pm - Reply

    These are too cute and I love inspirational messages throughout. Animalplex seems like a pretty cool site so far. Thanks!

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