What to See at the Aquarium

»»What to See at the Aquarium

Aquariums offer endless fun and learning opportunities for students, families and other groups who are attracted to marine life. Master designers are tasked with creating habitats that different species can peacefully live in without forgetting to add a touch of flair for people’s entertainment. Different aquariums therefore have several aspects that make them attractive as well as a varying selection of species that live there. It is possible to catch some types everywhere you visit most likely because they are in the list of 5 favorite animals/fish to see in an aquarium;


· Sea jellies can be found at some popular aquariums around the world. These beautiful yet mysterious creatures have lived on this planet for 500 million years meaning that they are older than dinosaurs. Children and adults alike love to visit several locations to learn more about these creatures that survive without a heart, lungs or brain. Their presence in any part of the ocean is an indicator of favorable conditions as they do not thrive in an unhealthy environment. Sea jellies are important as a source of food for other species living in the ocean.

· Penguins are also living in aquariums both to serve as an attraction for adoring public and for their safety. It is not easy for people to travel to penguins’ natural habitat but aquariums offer a chance to see different species in a controlled environment. You can bring your whole family to watch them swim, play and simply enjoy the joys of living in a safe environment.

· The most common fish in aquariums is the dwarf flame angel fish. It has a striking red/orange body with vertical black bars in the middle. They don’t grow so big, making them ideal for your fish tank at home but it is also possible to find these beauties at the public aquarium. They are aggressive little fish that will certainly provide entertainment for your family and friends.

· Barb is favorites at the aquarium with species like the Tiger barb being most common. They like living in schools but there are some aquariums that only have a few. Parent s and children visit such locations year after year to watch captivating barb as they go about their lives.

· Hatchet fish are kept in aquariums for their love to jump and unique features. They have a large sterna region and are easy to see as they love staying near the water’s surface. There are different species of hatchet fish that you can see depending on the aquarium you decide to visit.


There are many animals and fish that live in aquariums all over the world. Most people simply love visiting random locations to see what kind there is but if you are interested in a particular species of fish or marine animal, it would be nice to do some research. Local public aquariums usually have websites with all information about the species, sizes, exhibitions and ideal times to see certain animals or fish. If you love sea life, you dont have to travel to far away lands to see your favorites as they are probably living in an aquarium nearby.

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