Where is April the Giraffe Now?

»»Where is April the Giraffe Now?

The Pregnancy and Birth of April the Giraffe

Did you, like millions of others, watch the viral sensation of April giving birth to her calf via The Animal Adventure Parks’ Giraffe Cam? April the giraffe has lived at the Animal Adventure Park since September 2015. April’s ‘Giraffe Cam’ started on the 24th of February 2017. At the height of April’s pregnancy fever, 5 million viewers were regularly checking in per day to see if April had actually given birth yet. Jordan Patch the owner of park had previously stated that April was expecting the arrival of her baby sometime in February, but as the month came and went the anticipation for animal lovers around the world only grew.

There were 232 million live views between February and May and 7.6 billion minutes of footage. Finally on the 15th of April  on Saturday morning at 9:55 am ET, the birth of her calf was live-streamed on the park’s Giraffe Cam. The live streamed video had over 14 million live views, with a peak of more than 1.2 million people watching live as April  gave birth to her calf. The birth of the baby giraffe was the second most watched live-stream video on Youtube. Millions of April’s fans celebrated the precious moment with loving messages of congratulations on Twitter and Facebook. The Giraffe Cam was shut off at 4:30 pm Eastern Time on the 21st of April. The staff appeared on camera to thank everyone for their support.    

Where is April and Her Baby Now?

The male calf was named Tajiri after the Swahili word which translates to hope. When Tajiri was born he stood at 5 feet and 9 inches (1.75 meters) tall and 129 pounds (58.51 kilograms) in weight. Tajiri is now over a month old and he has been growing strong. Tajiri is now currently 6 feet and 4 inches (1.93 meters) tall and  200 pounds (90.72 kilograms) in weight. The Animal Adventure Park reports that Tajiri is doing well with mother April and father Oliver.

The Animal Adventure Park recently posted a photo of mother and baby boy Tajiri to their twitter account in celebration of Mother’s Day. The post was widely shared by more then 6000 people and the famous parent received thousands of warm wishes from fans and friends around the world honoring April on her special day.  

Why Viral sensation?

According to Clinical Psychologist Julie Swearingen, the psychology of checking on April’s progress is similar to the psychology of a slot machine. The waiting goes on, but there will eventually be a payout or in this case a baby. Swearingen explained that as time wore on people were watching more frequently and they were staying on longer because they did not want to miss the big event. The political climate in the country and world also played a factor as unlike any other topic discussed on Facebook or Twitter there was no division as anybody could be excited regardless of their beliefs on more controversial topics.  

The Giraffe Cam created a viral sensation unlike any other witnessed before. People anxiously waited for April to go into labor. Teachers in schools around the globe kept a live feed in the classroom, ready to capture the awaited moment. Children and adults alike came home from school and work, logging into the vital waiting room to watch April. People reported waking up in the middle of the night to check on April’s condition. The pages of Facebook and Twitter were filled with memes relating to April and the long anticipated wait for her baby. People stated that they found April relaxing and calming, with others reporting they simply found enjoyment in observing a magnificent creature and it was a pleasant change from current world problems.



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