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Cats have the reputation for being true masters of sleep. They can fascinatingly snooze and doze off almost anywhere, anytime they want, and under any circumstance! Did you know that they sleep an average of 15 hours a day, and that some cats can sleep for an entire 24 hours? No wonder, they are often caught on camera under cute and crazy positions that look so adorable, whether kitty or mature feline. Just why do cats sleep so much?

Twilight Creature

Cats are active at night, and usually get into their activities while you’re fast asleep. When it’s time for you to wake up and soon after giving your cat some delicious breakfast, you’re sure to find your feline winding down to slumber throughout the day. Don’t worry, they’re apt to adjust sleeping habits so he can spend more time with you. They can adapt to your schedule and can be very accommodating, if only you would provide more opportunities for exploration, playtime, and hunting for toys to keep your pet active when you are likewise awake.

Feline Instincts

Although housecats have been domesticated, they still retain the wild streak of their bigger family members like lions and tigers. Sleep is essential to conserve energy and recharge for their next hunt. This is why cats would sleep during daytime, trying to conserve energy to become hunters at night where they’ll be off to running, stalking, climbing, or pouncing. Only those who have them as pets would have experienced their kitty bouncing off walls, making noise as they knock things over, and pawing at their face long before it’s time to wake up and the sun’s up.

An Eye Open

Cats sleep with one eye open, though not literally. Most of the time, they remain in a light sleep and put themselves in a position wherein they can quickly get off and spring up into action. On the other hand, they also enter deep sleep by which they experience rapid brain movement and even have dreams! This state keeps them healthy as their small body regenerates more energy and gets enough rest. You’ll see your lovely furball curled up with eyes tightly shut, and sometimes they make use of their tail as a fluffy mask.

Rainy Days

Just as much as you’d want to stay in bed when the weather’s cold or its pouring outside, your cat would love to do the same. Cat behavior varies greatly based on their breed, temperament, age, and overall health. Whatever disposition your cat may have, most types tend to sleep more when the weather calls for it. Indoor-dweller that your furry little pet is, a rainy day will get him yawning and wanting to sleep cozy on the couch or bed!

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