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When it comes to your cat and sleep, the two can often come into conflict. Maybe you crawl into bed every night and your cat doesn’t immediately sleep by your head– instead, you wake up in the morning and your darling Fluffy appears to be occupying your face, neck, and general vicinity, seeing it as a valuable piece of real estate. Read on to find out more about why your cat seems to think your face is the best place to sleep in the house.

They Like the Warmth

One reason why your cat may be curling up on your face and your neck is that they like the warmth! Even not very affectionate cats may resort to this type of behavior. It would make sense, as people are known to lose the majority of their heat through their head, making it the equivalent of a warm fireplace to curl up in front of for a kitty. It also may be related to their memories of snuggling with their mother or siblings when they were young, and the cat finds it comforting to be in that same situation. They may even see you as family, so it makes sense all around and is kind of cute when you look at it that way. They love you!

They’re Marking Their Turf

Essentially, cats love to rub their perfume all over their owners. That’s precisely what they are doing when they lick, rub their face against you, and head butt you. He or she is rubbing their perfume on you and you are marked as their territory, even if you don’t even know it! This is also a pretty endearing idea– they think of you as their property and just want to mark you! It would be flattering if you weren’t waking up gasping for air!

They Like How You Smell

Another reason why your kitty may be curling up for a nap on your face is that they like how you smell! They might find your natural scent comforting, or they may be drawn to the products that you use in your hair like shampoo. Regardless, felines in general seem to have an attraction to hair– just like babies. If your cat licks or seems to take an interest in your hair in general, they may just like something about it– and want to be around it. Who could stay mad at them for that?

Your Presence Is Comforting

If you have a good relationship with your cat, chances are that they actually like you! They might find your presence comforting and just like to be around you. Let your cat do this if it’s not impacting your sleep/breathing, but if it is, try and find a solution!

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