Why Won’t My Cat Use the Litterbox?

»»Why Won’t My Cat Use the Litterbox?

It’s very frustrating when your cat can’t use or stops using her litter box. Everything in your house becomes a potential target to feces and urine. There are few reasons why this happens, and it will take some detective work to figure out the reason or reasons.

Here are some few problems that could be repelling your cat;

Unclean Litter Box

Cats are fastidious in nature, therefore, will avoid dirty litter box by all means. If the box contains urine or used by another cat, a cat will seek out other porous materials such as carpets, cushion or on your laundry. Ensure you change it very often and always wash the tray with hot water at least daily.

Your Cat May Be Stressed

You might not be aware of how stressful a small change can be, to a cat. Cats are usually stressed by most minor changes such a new or re-arranged furniture, new pets, grief, changes in routine or changes in family dynamic. This will ultimately lead to avoiding a litter box. Try givingyour cat plenty of attention, when you change his environment. Play with him most of the times to help him adjust, and within time, they may start using the litter again. There are few products you can buy that can help reduce a cat anxiety.

Litter Box Location May be a Problem

If you put the box near a noisy machine or in busy places, they will avoid it by all means. They also don’t like a litter box when it’s near food or water; that’s not surprising because we also don’t like foods near a bathroom, do we?. Put a litter tray in an easy -to-access locations and don’t forget that cats value privacy.

You’ve Switched Litter or Box Type

If you have switched to a new type of litter from a different brand, your cat may avoid it. Cats are routine animals, so if you want to change the litter tray, gradually introduce a new one by using it with an old one. Ensure that the litter box has base materials that they can comfortably stand on, and loose enough for them to dig up and cover their feces or urine.

It May Be a Sign of a Medical Condition

Your cat probably has medical problems making urinating too painful. Most common conditions include;

• Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) – If your cat is letting out small urine, then there might be a chance that she has UTI.

• Feline Interstitial Cystitis – This is a disease that causes inflammation of the cat’s bladder. This may make a cat have an unexpected urgency to urinate, hence, will eliminate outside the box.

• Diabetes- Cat also gets diabetes, and they may not be able to ‘hold it’ to make it on time to the litter box. This condition might not be noticeable, but keep an eye on her behavior to make sure he doesn’t have diabetes.

They’ve been Recently Declawed

Here’s one thing that many cat owners do not know, that declawed cat are more likely going to stop using a litter box. When a cat is declawed, they experience a lot of pain; therefore, will ignore the need of scratch and bury in a litter box. She will seek out soft places such as furniture, pillow bed, or any other soft places that won’t require them to scratch.

Whenever you notice a cat problem with the litter box, your first call should be your veterinarian. Taking precaution in advance could help distinguish between a picky kitty, a stubborn cat, or a serious medical problem requiring medication. If you’ve moved the box, and scooped the poop, and your cat still won’t go, don’t hesitate to ask your vet for assistance immediately.

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