Would You Like a Coffee With Your Cat

»»Would You Like a Coffee With Your Cat

It’s International Coffee Day and there aren’t many more splendid moments than sipping a hot cup of coffee on a cool fall morning with your favorite feline snuggling up to you. Coffee shops that welcome pets are growing in popularity and popping up all over the U.S. from California to New York City. But one specific little cafe, The Cat Town Cafe of California, supplies the cats themselves, making it a must for cat lovers who are unable to own their own cat or who are seeking to adopt a new friend.

At Cat Town Cafe, customers can enjoy their coffee or latte in the cafe and then mosey into the establishment’s main focus, the Cat Zone. Inside the cat zone, customers are able to visit with various felines all searching for their forever home. The Cat Zone features several incredibly designed decorative cat play spaces situated in front of brightly colored cat-centric murals.

The adoptable felines are free to roam around the Cat Zone to snuggle up next to a human, or completely ignore them as cats often do. All of the cats are rescues and with a $10 donation, humans can enjoy their company for up to an hour. The Cat Zone is the first of its kind to feature cats as its main focus, but it is certainly not the only cat-friendly cafe in the U.S.

On the other side of the country, in New York City, is a similar cafe called the Cat Cafe. Purina One opened the pop-up cafe on the Lower East Side for several days and featured a 600-square-foot cafe space and a 1,600-square-foot room with 16 adorable adoptable cats pouncing about.

All of the cats in the cafe came spayed or neutered and ranged in age from 3 months to 4 years. Jayne Vitale of the North Shore Animal League co-sponsored the weekend event with Purina and stated that she couldn’t believe that nobody had done it yet.

The main cat room was situated right off the street with floor-to-ceiling windows so that passers-by could get a full view of all the feline cuteness happening inside. The operation was previewed to reporters a few days before it opened with eight feature felines.

One of the kittens, Suahi, was white and grey with an adorable little black nose and pranced delightfully in front of the window, licking her paws and striking model-like poses for the photographers. The guests lined up for some coffee and education on cat health while several of the other felines quickly got bored of the whole fiasco and found two chairs and a table to curl up on for their cat naps.  

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