Zoo Babies!

»»Zoo Babies!

It’s Spring Time, which means new families and new births in zoos around the country. Successful breeding programs are one of the key aspects to the importance of zoos, as conservation and protection and research will ensure the future of some of the world’s most critical animals.

So with each birth is a new celebration of life and with it, comes new way we can learn about protecting the future of our animal friends. So, our Zoo Animal of the Week is really just a compilation of some of the cutest births this Spring. Visit USA Today’s Website to see their gallery of baby animal pictures from zoos around the country.

The featured photo included is property of the Forth Worth Zoo (Ft Worth, Texas), and comes from their Facebook page. Gus, a lowland gorilla, was featured in the USA Today article and marks a historical moment for the Forth Worth Zoo. This baby gorilla, born in December, was the first gorilla born at the Fort Worth Zoo. Check out Gus and watch him as he grows!

Other animals included on this list are cheetah cubs from the San Diego Zoo in California, snow leopard cubs from the Akron Zoo in Ohio, and a giraffe at the Brevard Zoo in Florida. Check out the site for more pictures and more stories from around the country.

We’d like to know what’s your favorite animal to see at the zoo? Did your local zoo have recent successful births? Send us over some pictures and tell us more about what you like to see and what questions you have about zoo animals and animal species. We’re here to do the research for you! Learn more about a variety of animals; pets and wildlife alike. AnimalPlex strives to be your go-to for animal research and animal news.

What’s the next Zoo Animal of the Week? That is up to our users! Comment below and let us know what you’d like to see next! 

photo credit, Fort Worth Zoo, Fort Worth, Texas. Image from the zoo’s Facebook page. Find them here.


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