Zookeepers Kill 2 Lions To Save Suicidal Man

»»Zookeepers Kill 2 Lions To Save Suicidal Man

Zookeepers in Chile killed two African lions Saturday to protect a man who entered their enclosure.

The man stripped naked, jumped into the pen and began taunting the male and female big cats, The Guardian reported.

Zookeepers first turned a hose on the animals, which had instinctively attacked the intruder. They then fired a tranquilizer dart, but it missed the lions and instead struck the man, identified by local media as 20-year-old Franco Luis Ferrada, in the neck.

As Ferrada was being mauled, a zookeeper shot the lions with live rounds. They died a short time later. Ferrada was rushed to a local health clinic, where he was in critical condition.

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